Make Java Application:Step By step

Creating Login Window

1)Open The IDE

2)File ->New Project->Java->Java Application

3)Click Next

4)Give the project name as”myApp”.Click Finish(picture 1)(Related pictures are given below )


5)Go to myApp in the list on the left side .Right click.

6)Go to new->JFrame Form. and create the form by giving some name.

7)As we can see,palette window on the right side .

8)Select the Label Drag and drop into the frame created.(picture 2)


9)Right Click on the label and edit the text written inside.

10)Write “Login Window” .

11)Drag two more Labels from the palette and then Rename it as “username” and “password”.(picture 3)


12)Now You need to drag the text pane and passworld field from the palette.

13)Your Login Window is ready.(picture 4)


14)Go to source .Right click on the on run file.(picture 5)


15)Now you can run your own GUI application in JAVA.


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