Connection of Database with JAVA on Netbeans IDE:Step by Step

Connect Your database with Java
1)Go to services
2)Right click on database.Select new connection the following 
  window will open.(pic1)


3)Here just click on add .
4)After this ,add drivers.
5)Select drivers from your system.
6)Drivers are namely."Derby and derby client".
7)If you dont have driver .Try downloading DB2 
  software from  following link.

link   :1)


8)After adding these drivers.
9)Go to "Servers", Add server.
10)Select server from the list.(pic2)


11)Click on next .Finish.(pic3)


12)Now your server is ready .Just you need to start it .
13)Right click on the selected server and start it.(pic4)


14)You can create a connection to the database:

   14.1)Right Click on the driver select as shown in figure.(pic5)
   14.2)Connect it
   14.3)Click on "+" sign there ,the drop down menu will open.
        Now Open tables(pic6)


   14.4)Right click on Table and now you can create  your own  table.(pic7)


15)Now the database connection in Coding:
   15.1)Write the below given code in your function,

    Connection con;
    ResultSet rs;
    PreparedStatement ps;
    java.sql.Statement stmt;

    con = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:derby://localhost:1527/sample", "app","app");
    stmt =  con.createStatement();


15.2)Now you will be able to use your databse
15.3)For running the Query use the following code:

     public   ResultSet setResult() throws SQLException
   ps=con.prepareStatement("select * from studetail");  //Studetail is the name of table
   rs = ps.executeQuery();
   return (rs);

16)Many Function can be used on the basis of above connection.
17)Same type query can be used for other database connection 
just by altering the code.

Connection con = 
        DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:oracle:thin:@VITORA:1521:orcl", "username","password");


(Note:The content in the getconnection() can be copied from the 
properties of driver added)
18)Now we can apply respective update ,delete,new ,Show functions

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