Set the path of java:step by step.

Problem in running java code????Code is right but its not working????Cant able to set the path

Solution of above problems.

1)Go to start
2)Right click on computer.Open Properties(pic1)


3)Click on Advanced System Settings(pic2).


4)You Will get system properties Window.(pic3)


5)Click on Environment Variables.You will get another Window.(pic4)


6)Here you need to add user variables.So,click on “New” button.
7)You will find here two things ie
Variable name and Variable value(pic5)


Variable name : path
Variable Value: C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jdk1.6.0_20\bin

(Note:The variable value is the path of your “javac” application.
we normally find it in the “jdk” folder inside the “bin”.
So,you just need to copy the path of “javac”.You can simply
copy and paste here.)
8)Congrats……Now your path is set of future use.You can run java program.


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